Introductory Tutorial Videos

These tutorial videos, typically ranging from 20-30 minutes in duration, give an introduction to the Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) technique and how the technique can be used in real-world applications.

More videos relating to other techniques are available on the main Oxford Instruments Nanoanalysis website, as well as a number of product-focused demonstration videos.

Introduction to EBSD

In this tutorial, we will explain how EBSD works, the type of information the technique can provide, and how the recent developments can be of benefit to your applications.

Real-world problem solving using EBSD

In this tutorial, Dr. Pat Trimby looks at the wide range of microstructural information provided by EBSD, explaining how this can be used to better understand material properties and processing.

Viewing time: 23 minutes

Effective EBSD data processing using AZtecCrystal

This tutorial will cover fundamental steps of data processing such as data cleaning and grain size measurement, as well as touching on more advanced analytical tools such as parent grain reconstruction and the calculation of elastic properties.

Approx View time: 26 minutes